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We welcome applications from individuals and teams at any stage of growth, including the idea phase. The grants will reward innovators that we feel will benefit greatly from both funding and mentorship. The FHB Foundation primarily offers grants to young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our grants aim to incentivize and support the creation of novel products and unique business models as well as to encourage and enable social mobility. 

Seed funding

The Seed Grant is aimed at entrepreneurs aged 18-26.  The aim of the grant is to ensure that the entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds have means of support during the pre-commercial stage of their venture. 

This is a critical stage for most entrepreneurs where they are still unable to draw a salary from their venture. As such, they are reliant on savings, loans, or investments in order to ensure their upkeep. This is particularly problematic for aspiring entrepreneurs fro m disadvantaged background who may lack the family resources that many rely on at this stage. 

The grant is paid in 8 equal instalments over two years, in addition to a flexible benefit grant. 

The Leon Dumas Grant

If you’re aged 18 to 30 and seeking funding for your new startup idea, the FHB Foundation could provide the support you’re looking for.

Launching a startup is a big challenge to take on at any age, but working out how to start a business at a young age can be even harder.

For starters, you don’t have that valuable life experience behind you, meaning you won’t have made – and learned from – the mistakes that many older new business owners will have made. You may also have less startup capital available.

Through the Leon Dumas grant, the FHB Foundation provides interest free recoverable grants for young entrepreneurs.​ 

The New Immigrant Grant

We welcome proposals for entrepreneurial and freelancing projects that address a variety of needs, target diverse populations, and employ different strategies. We are open to supporting projects that serve and advocate for new immigrants as well as ones with broader potential impact. 

Projects can be non-profit or for-profit initiatives—or hybrid projects that include both nonprofit and for-profit components. Most importantly, projects must create positive social change and must be designed and led by new immigrants.

Grantees will be offered support and guidance from professional mentors, join a national network of new immigrant freelancers and entrepreneurs, and get additional support.

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